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Product Image Dance Country - Complete country swing

Dance Country - Complete country swing

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Learn all the basics of Country Swing, including steps, patterns and moves, as well as 8 advanced tricks and aerials.

Dance Country Volume 1:

Get ready to dance Country Swing -- a modern style of country western dancing with dips, lifts, and high-flying aerials!
Dance Country volume 1 teaches you all the basics of country swing with a mixture of East-coast swing and moves that can be used in West-coast Swing, Salsa, and other ballroom styles. In 90 action-packed minutes, teachers David Reeb and Meghan McMahon will have you moving through this hard-stomping, high-kicking introduction to country swing. You will learn the basic steps and counts, plus a variety of flashy moves you can show off at the club -- and also how to integrate all the moves together into a smooth-flowing dance!  A high-energy country soundtrack and the exciting atmosphere of the Cowboy Lounge in Denver, Colorado make this series a total package of learning
and western fun.

Dance Country Volume 2:    

Ready to take your country swing to the next level?  Dance Country Volume 2  is all about adding amazing moves and high-flying aerials to your dance style.
Your teachers David Reeb and Meghan McMahon show all 8 exciting aerials at the Cowboy Lounge in Denver, Colorado -- step by step -- to a rocking country soundtrack.  Some moves are standards, tried and true, and others are great new moves created by Meghan and David.  They show everything from preparation and safety to execution and tips for integrating these high-kicking, hard-stomping moves into your country dance.
In this DVD you will learn:
The Side-to-Side Flip  -- Between the Legs
Side-to-Side Variations  -- The Country Front Flip
The Barrel Roll Press --  The Barrel Roll
The Swing Around Hip Dip  --  The Push Up

David Reeb is one of Denver’s busiest dance teachers, having taught over a thousand students country swing, one-step, two-step, and triple-step since 2003. He is usually found teaching and dancing in Denver but has also taught dance as far away as Haiti.
Meghan McMahon started dancing at age 4 and enjoys many styles from lindy hop to hip hop --including ballet, tap, salsa, tango, … and country swing! Meghan is also a model, voiceover artist, and actor.  She loves to share her passion for dance!

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