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Product Image Dance Country - Volume 1 - Country Swing for Beginners

Dance Country - Volume 1 - Country Swing for Beginners

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Get ready to dance Country Swing -- a modern style of country western dancing with dips, lifts, and high-flying aerials!

Dance Country volume 1 teaches you all the basics of country swing with a mixture of East-coast swing and moves that can be used in West-coast Swing, Salsa, and other ballroom styles. In 90 action-packed minutes, teachers David Reeb and Meghan McMahon will have you moving through this hard-stomping, high-kicking introduction to country swing. You will learn the basic steps and counts, plus a variety of flashy moves you can show off at the club -- and also how to integrate all the moves together into a smooth-flowing dance!  A high-energy country soundtrack and the exciting atmosphere of the Cowboy Lounge in Denver, Colorado make this series a total package of learning
and western fun.

David Reeb is one of Denver’s busiest dance teachers, having taught over a thousand students country swing, one-step, two-step, and triple-step since 2003. He is usually found teaching and dancing in Denver but has also taught dance as far away as Haiti.
Meghan McMahon started dancing at age 4 and enjoys many styles from lindy hop to hip hop --including ballet, tap, salsa, tango, … and country swing! Meghan is also a model, voiceover artist, and actor.  She loves to share her passion for dance!