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Product Image Dance The Blues - Volume 1  Blues for Beginners

Dance The Blues - Volume 1 Blues for Beginners

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From upscale ballrooms to roadside juke joints, people have been dancing close for decades. Blues dancing opens up a new world of partnered expression, a connection between two people.

The music that drives both the dance and the feeling is pure American Blues dating from the early 1900s to the present, full of call and response and emotional intensity. From the early blues of the Mississippi Delta and Texas to electric Chicago blues, this rich musical style covers a variety of tempos and emotions, and runs the range of the human experience. Blues is a challenging dance to learn simply by watching, as many of its moves and stylings are subtle.

This video shows in depth and clear detail how two can move as one, as well as how to structure a dance to connect you to your partner and the music in ways you never thought possible.


Dan Newsome has been a champion professional dancer, DJ, historian, and teacher for over ten years. He is known as both a preservationist and a creative force in Lindy Hop, Aerial Dance, Blues, and Tap. In addition to teaching thousands of students at Denver's Mercury Cafe, he has traveled the world to learn, teach, and compete.

Kelly Porter is a decade-long student of American Dance. As a teacher and choreographer she is known for her sense of humor and ability to push the envelope. She is the founder of The Voices and the Jazz Era Ballroom Project, and an exceptional DJ for audiences from the House of Blues in New Orleans and the International Lindy Hop Championships in DC.

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