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Product Image GO-GO Dance Set - GOGO Dance for the total beginner and INIS Love story CD

GO-GO Dance Set - GOGO Dance for the total beginner and INIS Love story CD

$ 14.95 $ 19.95

GOGO Dance for the total beginner and INIS Love story CD

DJ INIS did all the music for GO-GO Dance for the total beginner and this CD makes a great addition to the DVD.

Love Story is the long awaited debut release from world renowned dj inis. Its chillout electronica at its epic, cinematic finest. inis takes you from your living room to the dance floor with Live Story, an accompanying live cd that features remixed tracks from Love Story plus some surprises. Featuring relentless beats, sophisticated breaks, and touching on every style of electronica.

Get Them both for only 27.95!  This CD offers great music to try out all of your GO-GO moves to! For the first time ever on DVD!

    GO-GO Dance for the Total Beginner, the first GOGO dance instruction video ever! Learn all the moves in the exciting world of GOGO dancing. This DVD is for everyone, whether you have danced professionally before, or are just getting started. Experienced dancer Katie Krause ( Katie Kansas ) walks you through everything you will need to become an excellent GOGO dancer.

    Included in this DVD are lessons in Electronic, Hip-hop, and Latin dance, club dance, as well as a section on dancing that is just plain SEXY! Each dance is tailored specifically for GOGO dancing! KT ( Katie Kansas ) will show several combinations for each style, and then take you step by step through how to use each of these styles together in the club. Also included are tips on how to dress for auditions, what kind of clothes to wear, ideas on accessories and makeup, and advice on how to look your best in the club.

Running Time: 57 Minutes
Teacher: Katie Krause
Directed by: Will Wernick

GO-GO Dance is packed with instruction and demos shot in a live club environment. After you learn the steps you can Dance along with KT and her girls and see how they do it in the club. KT has been dancing professionally for over five years and ran the Dancers at Vinyl, a popular dance club in Colorado. She now lives in New York where she still dances and produces her own line of clothing inspired by the club scene.X