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Product Image Swing Aerials Volume 1 - Tricks and Airsteps

Swing Aerials Volume 1 - Tricks and Airsteps

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Take your swing dancing to the next level with this action-packed DVD! Learn how to flip flop and fly with fun, safe, and easy to learn instruction from champion swing dancers Dan Newsome and Tiffiny Wine! The DVD starts with easy to do exercises that teach you the jumping, lifting, timing, and technique that are the fundamentals in air steps. From there you'll learn 14 aerials, step by step, building on what you've learned, until you are doing amazing lifts and flips that will awe and inspire!

With terrific explanations, teaching technique, and examples, this DVD breaks down amazing tricks in simple, easy to follow instruction! Shot entirely in High Definition, with multiple camera angles, and easy to use menus, this is the highest quality Aerials instruction DVD ever! From the simple frog Jump to the Charleston Flip and the Baby Drop, this is the most comprehensive aerials DVD ever.

Dancing for over 10 years, Dan and Tiff have won and placed in numerous national competitions including the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Midwest Lindy Fest, Reno Dance Sensation, National Jitterbug Championships and the Rhythmic Arts Festival. They also founded, direct, choreograph, and coach 23 Skidoo, Denver’s nationally acclaimed swing team, winners of every competition entered in 2006 and 2007, and currently one of the top three teams in the world.

Aerials on this DVD: Frog Jump - Out to In Frog Jump - Hurdle - Split Lift - Split Kick to Out - Fallback - Hip Roll - Tower of Doom - Merry Go Round - Charleston Flip - Back to Back Roll - Figure Four - The Stack - The Baby Drop

Running Time: 108 Minutes
Teachers: Dan Newsome and Tiff Wine
Directed by: Will WernickX

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