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Product Image Swing Aerials Volume 4 - Aerials for Experts

Swing Aerials Volume 4 - Aerials for Experts

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National Champion Dancers Daniel Newsome and Angel Jenkins not only perform these amazing moves but are known for their ability to teach them. You will learn seven of the most advanced and exciting aerials you have ever seen in this action packed 60 minute DVD.
This video is the most intense swing aerials DVD yet. All seven aerials are shown clearly from preparation to completion, in a fun and focused environment. Dan and Angel allow each student to learn at their own pace, and finish each session in style on the dance floor of Seattle's legendary Triple Door Theater. Dance along with them and try out each of your new aerials!

Learn the Lindy Flip - The K Flip - K Flip to Vegas Flip - Ace in the Hole - Hellzappopin - The Twizzle - The Jungle

Daniel Newsome has been a professional dancer, DJ, and historian for over 10 years. He is both a preservationist and an innovator in Lindy Hop, Aerials Dance, Blues, and Tap. Dan has taught thousands of students at Denver's Mercury Cafe and has traveled the world to learn, teach, and compete. He has won at major competitions such as the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown, Midwest Lindy Fest, Reno Dance Sensation, and the National Jitterbug Championships.

Angel Jenkins' lifelong love of music and dance led her to dance clubs and camps in southern California where she is known for her strength, humor, and improvisational skills. Teaching aerials is her specialty and she is co-president of Fly By Night: a dance troupe focused on aerials.