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Product Image The Beginner Swing Set

The Beginner Swing Set

$ 34.95 $ 39.95

Swing for the total beginner "the set" has everything you need to get started dancing the Jitterbug and LindyHop. Millions of people around the world swing dance! Join in the fun and energy that is "the American Dance"

Whether you already dance Jitterbug, or are just starting with swing, national champions Daniel Newsome and Tiffiny Wine will have you swing dancing quickly, and enjoying every minute! Inside you will learn the 6 and 8 count footwork rudiments of LindyHop, the Basics steps of Jitterbug, lead follow technique, swing outs, fundamental figures, and some exciting tricks and turns! Swing is great for everyone even if you have never danced before. This package is perfect for everyone from the super beginner to the more advanced dancer and makes a great gift for anyone interested in dancing swing.

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